6.5mm Hybrid Flooring

5 products

5 products

Waterproof Hybrid Flooring has proved itself to be the best solution in multiple applications throughout Australia. the Coreflex scope, we have taken this booming product style to the next tier by presenting an advanced multi-layered approach.

Two further LVT layers give Coreflex its exceptional flexibility, to better welcome the subfloor and minimize footfall noise. The first LVT coatings provide a more genuine timber feel whilst the second LVT layer, located beneath the core, provides additional stability and comfort.

What's The Real Life of a Hybrid Floor?

It is commonly more viscous than vinyl, making it more long-lasting and more relaxing to walk on. It is blemish and UV-resistant. Moreover, Hybrid flooring is effortless to scrub and survives for years — many brands propose 20-year guarantees. It can be applied on both concrete and wooden floors and it may need some floor trial.