Neptune flooring Australia
Neptune flooring Australia
Neptune flooring Australia
Neptune flooring Australia

Neptune High Gloss 5.5mm Flooring

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Neptune High GLoss Flooring:

Look no further than Neptune Flooring for outstanding durability, stability, and impact resistance. Neptune Flooring Australia creates a floor that can manage your daily activities by combining a scientifically proven anti-microbial surface with a sturdy stone-based core.

Neptune Flooring Essentials is waterproof, making it excellent for bathrooms and kitchens. It's also simple to put together and may be done on your own. With so many types and designs to select from, Neptune High Gloss Flooring is sure to have something that suits your house and your budget.

Neptune Flooring Installation:

Remove the baseboard, quarter-round mouldings, wall base, appliances, and furniture from the room before installing Neptune Flooring. Door trim should be under-cut for the optimum effect, allowing flooring to slide easily without being pinched.

Sweep and vacuum the entire area once the Neptune Flooring Installation preparation work is completed to remove all dust and dirt. When using Neptune flooring, always leave a minimum 6 mm expansion gap between walls and fittings like pillars and staircases.

After the neptune floor is completed, these gaps will be filled in with trim mouldings. To ensure the installation of Neptune floor in places with temperatures above 40°C and substantial temperature swings, the expansion joint can be expanded to 10 mm.

Dimension: 1620 x 146mm

Thickness: 5.5mm

Pack size: 1.89m2

Wear layer: 0.55mm

Joining system: Tight Lock

Planks/pack: 8

Warranty: Lifetime Residential