Why Should You Choose Wool Rugs for High Traffic Areas?


Wondering why you should opt for woolen carpets and rugs? Well, the first and foremost reason is that you have selected a natural fiber that is not only renewable and environmentally sustainable but also enduringly beautiful when you choose wool carpet for your home.

It is wonderful to have nice rugs positioned throughout your home, but when it comes to furnishing, appearance is not the only factor that is important to consider.

Synthetic chemicals are used to treat rugs produced with fabrics such as polyester, rayon, and acrylic, and these chemicals can "outgas" into the air within your home. And this poses a threat not only to people but also to the ecosystem.

We will give you a few reasons why environmentally friendly rugs are by far the superior choice in this situation.  After reading this blog post, we bet that you'll have second thoughts about purchasing that rug made of polyester.

 So, Let's plunge in!

Wool Rugs for High Traffic

We have personal experience with the passage of time, which has shown us how resilient wool carpet truly is. It is the only carpet fiber that can withstand the test of time better than any other.

The quality of all other rugs fibers is measured against the wool carpet. The complexity of the fiber that mother nature created in order to shield sheep from the effects of any and all types of weather is where its supremacy lies. When deciding on a floor covering, you should give some thought to the benefits that wool carpet may offer.

The use of wool carpeting in your home not only insulates it but also makes it more comfortable to walk on, warmer, and cozier underfoot. Many people believe that wool carpeting is an investment in your home, which justifies the extra cost associated with it. Wool carpet, however, when chosen carefully and managed correctly, has the potential to survive for many years and even decades.

Are these rugs eco-friendly?

Wool is an entirely natural and renewable fiber that also possesses the qualities of being biodegradable, sustainable, and environmentally favorable in general. Visit our website on the environment and sustainability to learn more about the wool life cycle.

Are woolen rugs durable?

Wool is not only hard-wearing and long-lasting, but it also keeps its appearance for a longer period of time, making it a more cost-effective material. In the right conditions and with the right care, wool can live for decades in a home.

Animal Friendly wool Rugs

Are these rugs hypoallergenic?

Woolen rugs are helpful for people who suffer from allergies and asthma. Wool does not contribute to the development of dust mites or germs and does not release any toxic emissions. Moreover, wool is able to capture allergens in the air and remove them from the environment.

Eco-friendly wool rugs are natural humidifiers

When there is an abundance of moisture in the air, the wool carpet will be able to take it up and store it. As a consequence of this, the fibers will release moisture when the air is drier, contributing to the maintenance of an appropriate level of moisture within the house.

Daily Wool Rugs

Are wool carpets flame resistant?

It is only at extremely high temperatures, between 570 and 600 degrees Celsius that wool will catch fire. In this respect, it is notably different from synthetic fibers, which means that it is safer for your family to use.

Did you know wool rugs are extremely comfortable?

This helps to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter since it naturally controls the temperature of the space, which reduces the need for additional heating and cooling.

Are woolen rugs crush resistant?

Wool is inherently resistant to being crushed and has the ability to spring back into shape after being flattened. Because the wool fiber is naturally curly, it retains its robustness and deliciously soft feel underfoot even after being compressed. This is due to the fact that the wool fiber is naturally curly.

These rugs also work as an air purifier

Wool is known to have a naturally beneficial effect on the quality of air found indoors because of its ability to absorb and redistribute moisture.

Is a wool carpet soil-resistant?

Wool is a natural fiber, and as such, each individual fiber has minute scales. Because these scales serve to prevent dirt from embedding itself in the carpet fibers, wool has a great resistance to soiling, which in turn makes it easy to clean.

We hope you know better now why wool carpets are the best choice for your homes. If you want one of the best woolen carpets in Australia, Contact My Rugs and place your order now. We will be more than glad to serve you by providing the highest quality woolen and eco-friendly carpets that will enhance the entire look of your house.


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