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All You Need to Know About Wool Rugs

Rugs have evolved to become the primary focus of attention in home design. It gives the impression that the interior of the house is finished and, more importantly, it is an absolute necessity at this point in time. The beauty of any area, whether it be your bedroom or your living room, can be improved with the addition of a rug. My Rugs is committed to providing our extensive clientele with rugs of the highest possible quality. Our experienced rug collectors and designers are able to attend to the smallest of details.

Wool is by far the most common material utilized for the production of area rugs. The majority of it is produced by knitting with wool from sheep. The weaving of this fiber also utilized the skin of other animals, such as goats. This material can be woven using a variety of different techniques, and it is used in a wide variety of contexts and purposes. The production of area rugs almost always requires the utilization of wool. On their website, My Rugs offers customers access to a superior assortment of wool carpets and rugs.

Varieties of trendy Wool Rugs in Australia:

It's a huge decision to choose a rug for your house. Every element, from the patterns and colors you pick, affects how your home's interior looks as a whole. As a result, there are numerous rug types to select from, particularly if you want something handcrafted. It's important to first comprehend some of the various sorts if you're seeking a high-quality wool rug to compliment your home. The numerous kinds of handcrafted wool rugs are as follow.

  • Hand Knotted Wool rugs

The craft of hand knotted wool rugs tufting involves methodically knitting various colors of wool into a backdrop rug design on canvas. Using this technique, the rug's maker can produce elaborate designs similar to when you join the dots. Long, flowing patterns are left behind by the weaver after pushing material strands through the rug's primary layer. Beautiful hand-tufted rugs give your room sophistication and richness. 

  • Hand-woven rugs

Handwoven rugs are made by skilled craftspeople using traditional methods. To create a strong base for the pile, these professionals hand-weave every strand of wool together over an extended period of time. Designs for hand-knotted rugs provide a variety of color and gradient combinations. They will make a beautiful addition to your home.

  • Rugs in a Medium and Knobby Fabric

As we know woven carpets that are medium and nubby are excellent choices for most people. Medium and nubby weave rugs can be used with any interior style because they are made using the same weaving technique with varying amounts of yarn. Their medium texture choice has a texture that is around 0.6 inches deeper than their thick soga texture material. Hand-dyed rugs with a medium and nubby texture also have a chunky appearance. This rug is perfect if you're seeking something cozy and soothing.

  • Cut-Pile Rugs

They are very well known for their velvety appearance. These carpets can have complete or partial long-hair motifs and are available in a variety of hand-dyed hues. These are highly adaptable and go well with any design. These rugs can also have a wide variety of interlaced shades and motifs, which truly makes them a sight to witness. These rugs are among the most distinctive and expensive available, making them a stunning addition to any home. My Rugs will provide you with all kinds of top-notch rugs for your aesthetic home looks.

How to Clean or Maintain a Wool Rug?

There are a variety of ways to care for wool carpets. The carpet's plusher and cozier appearance is preserved using an alternative way. To begin, you shouldn't put it in a high-traffic place. Keep it away from any wet or muddy areas. It's not safe for pets, so don't let them near it. Vacuum it on a regular basis. The back of the rug must also be vacuumed. It's not hard to keep a low-pile rug looking its best. A carpet brush should be used for cleaning wool rugs. Avoid getting any liquids or dirt on your furnishings. Make sure to flip the rug over every few months. Avoid exposing your carpets to direct sunlight by storing them inside.

Dust should be vacuumed off the rug daily to extend its life. When it comes to high-quality wool rugs, go no further than My Rugs. Rugs with low, medium, and high piles are available, as are those with a wide range of color options. My Rugs is committed to making durable carpets out of wool blends that can take on heavy foot traffic. Building a new home is an exciting venture, and we'd be happy to help you every step of the way.

How to Style a Wool Rug?

Today, wool rugs are a common choice for our homes. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. You can select different types of rugs according to your room design.  These rugs are noted for their lovely color schemes as well as their weaving techniques. Let's look at ways to incorporate these rugs into your homes, places of business, and outdoor spaces.

Tips For Family Room

Our living room is where we can let our imaginations run wild. To express your personality, this space needs to be thoughtfully furnished. Woolen carpets are the heart of interior design. A living space would be incomplete without these carpets. Few styling tips are mentioned below,

  • Arrange your space using the colors and designs you want.
  • Choose traditional rugs with patterns, logos, or old castles woven into them for a more traditional appearance. 
  • Choose light hues like beige, white, grey, blue, etc. for a more elegant appearance. They look wonderful in contrast to furniture.

Styling Preferences for Bedroom

Your safe haven is your bedroom. You prefer to spend the majority of your time in this room out of all the rooms in your house. This room can serve as a study space for you at times and hangout space for friends.  You enjoy personalizing this space. Here's how to maintain your wool rug in this situation.

  • Place your brand-new, shining rug in your bedroom, matching the hues of the walls and the furnishings. The most fashionable rugs are those that go with these spaces.
  • Consider layering your wool rug with other materials.
  • You can experiment with different color combinations with this pattern. 

Tips For Dining Hall

Your dining room's center point may be one of your area rugs. You can put them next to your kitchen or under your dining room table. These wool rugs can be arranged in your space in the following ways.

  • Set your wool rugs down in front of the dining area, one foot outside the table.
  • Place it so that the chairs won't be pulled along with it.
  • Put it close to the open-air dining area that is combined with the lounge.
  • Use checkered rugs to add a contemporary touch.

Wool rugs are available in any color, can be fashioned into any form, and can be combined with any other material to create the perfect flooring solution for any space in your home or place of business. Wool is, in our opinion, the ideal material to use when making rugs for the home's interior.

Why Should I Buy Wool Rug from My Rugs Online?

At My Rugs online, you will find wool rugs of the highest quality that are tailored to fit the area you have available. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with our team if you have any relevant questions.