Our modern shaggy rugs are super thick and give you that luxurious, plush feel underfoot. They are incredibly comfortable to sit on, making them ideal for a living room or child’s bedroom.Everybody loves shag rugs! Here at Cheapest Rugs Online we have a great selection of colours and styles for your home or office. From bright hues such as red, blue, purple and magenta; to more earthy tones such as browns, greys and greens. Take a look at our range and imagine what will best suit your home or office.

Our fantastic soft rugs, aren’t just great on your feet, they can also work wonders on your interior design. If you want to add a splash of colour, or spruce up an area in your home, you can be sure that a shag carpet is just what you need. A modern synthetic shag rug is soft to the touch, doesn’t shed and is perfect for those looking to maintain an allergy free environment.